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Hey Guys, I need some help figuring out a good cutting routine. I’m not necessarily a total beginner, but I haven’t been able to reach my goal (8% bodyfat) since I started training 4 years ago. I’m looking for a 4- day workout Monday- Thursday since I bartend friday and saturday and rest on sunday (since I’m usually wiped out from the weekend) I’m 190, 5’10" and currently taking in around 1500-1600 calories on non- workout days and 1800-2200 on workout days. I’m also planning on doing 45 min steady state cardio after every workout, with workouts lasting about 45 min as well. (I workout in the evening by the way)

Check out the Conditioning section.

More diet info needed.

Good cutting program = good diet.

Youre starving yourself. Putting yourself in starvation mode is the fastest way to stall fat loss

Any suggestions on diet?

I followed some advice from T-Mag issue 640 to figure out my calories:
First you gotta figure out your maintenance caloric intake.
Here’s the rough guide I use:

Current Body Fat Caloric Intake

6%-12% 17 calories per pound of LBM (Lean Body Mass)
12%-15% 16 calories per pound of LBM
15.1%-19% 15 calories per pound of LBM
19.1%-22% 14 calories per pound of LBM
22.1% or above 13 calories per pound of LBM

So you find out your body fat percentage and then multiple your weight by that percent.
Subtract that number from your weight to find out your lean mass, and then use that number
and your body fat percentage to determine your calories.

Here’s an example. Let’s say we have a guy named Dave who is 185 pounds at 15 percent body fat.
First, we figure out how much fat he has on his body: 185 x .15 = 27.75.
We subtract that from his weight (185 â?? 27.75) and arrive at 157.25 pounds. That’s Dave’s lean body mass.
Because he started at 15 percent body fat, we’ll multiply his lean body mass (LBM) by 16 (as determined by the chart) and arrive at 2,516 calories to maintain his body weight.Now, to lose weight, I’d just suggest keeping the calories at the maintenance level on training days and drop it down by 200-300 calories on non-workout days.

Given all that, I did mine as well:
200 lbs
28.7 BMI
200lbs x 0.287bmi = 57.4lbs
200lbs-57.4lbs = 142.6lbs
142.6lbs x 13 calories ( as determined by chart above)= 1853.8 calories a day

Workout days- 1860 calories
non-workout- 1660

I’m drinking a gallon of water a day, and eating tuna sandwiches (1 can,2 slices wheat bread,1 tbsp mayo), protein shakes (1 scoop of Metabolic Drive w/ creatine, l-leucine, Superfood & blueberries in it), Bananna & peanut butter sandwiches (1 bananna, 1 tbsp skippy reduced fat peanut butter) Salads (2 cups romain, 1/2 a green pepper, 1/2 a red pepper, 3 slices turkey chopped, 3/4 avacado chopped and 2 tbsp light ranch), canned chicken, and packages of salmon.

My workouts now are terrible though, I’m not really sure what they should look like, since I’ve never been on a successful cutting diet.

If you’re usually doing X and then you do Y to supplement X it works. If you’re usually doing X but then switch X and supplement Y it doesn’t work.

Do the same workout you were doing (assuming it was working) and then make tiny adjustments to diet and tempo.

Why would you want to work with two variables instead of one, seems illogical to me.

well, I was doing a 5-day split, then I actually started the V-Diet, but lost my then-apartment and wasn’t able to continue with it, so after doing that program, I’m kind of lost on what to do

First of all, maybe I’m reading this wrong but why did you use your BMI in your calculation instead of LBM. Maybe it was a typo, but BMI is not the same as LBM. For example, my BMI is 25.8 which is technically “overweight”. But my LBM is 171 lbs (approx 10% body fat). You’re assuming your body fat is greater than 22% and calculating 13 calories per pound based on that figure, but that may not be correct. First figure out what your body fat is and then re-run the calculations.

As Bonez mentioned, your probably going to end up stalling your diet pretty quickly because you’re not eating enough calories. Start with a higher calorie intake and then drop the calories only when your progress starts to stall, which probably won’t happen for a couple of weeks.

With regards to the training, just lift heavy and incorporate some cardio. Check out this link:

First off, I have no idea what type of 5’10" 190lbs you are, because BMI is useless. How can you have a goal of 8%bf if you don’t know what your bodyfat is? With the HUGE caveat that I don’t know your bf%, some general advice:

Take 2-3 weeks eating 250g protein, 200g carbs (100 of which come peri-workout) and 60-80g fat to get your metabolism back to where it should be. Fruit, potatoes, etc. should be carbs and fats should be healthy - fish oil, EV olive oil, whole eggs, nuts, etc.

Back to your cut diet: You have NO fat in there, trade carbs for fat. Cut the sandwiches. Grains =/= fat loss (though if you have one pre-workout it might be ok). Rest of your food looks good just eat more of it like suggested above. Start at 280g protein / 120g fat / 0 carbs outside of peri-workout (not counting greens, which you should load up on). If you don’t lose weight after 2 weeks cut calories by a few hundred.

I guess if I labeled it correctly that might have helped lol. the 142.6 lbs is my lean body mass. 200 lbs was my weight 2 weeks ago,I weighed in at 189 this morning

[quote]Zamzigga wrote:
I guess if I labeled it correctly that might have helped lol. the 142.6 lbs is my lean body mass. 200 lbs was my weight 2 weeks ago,I weighed in at 189 this morning [/quote]

You are calculating with BMI. Stop that…get your bf% measured. BMI is useless.