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Cutting Workout..Which One?


hey fellow T-Nationers. I have been reading all the info on this website for months but i have never posted :). Anywayz i am currently doing CW's ABBH and my strength and work capacity has improved quite a bit. However i am only eating maintenance calories so i didnt expect too much in terms of size.

When im finished i plan on starting a cutting cycle but i am a bit confused as to what workout i should do. By bf is not high, but i want to get really ripped so i will probably only need to cut for about 6-8 weeks max. Lean gains would be an added bonus! I am tossing between the following:



a 3x per week full body workout focussing on compound lifts in the 6-8 rep range,

or a program on this website than someone can suggest?


Try CW's Triple Total Training. If memory serves, he recommends it for cutting cycles. The classic 5x5 also works rather well.


For my metabolic mesocycle, I have great success with:

Meltdown I >
Meltdown II >
Meltdown III >
EDT for Fat Loss >
Strength Microcycle (ie 5x5, 10x3, etc) >
Poliquin German Body Comp

I also follow CT's "Running Man" program for my energy system work, as well as CW's "GPP ASAP" for active recovery.

I'm just finishing the EDT microcycle, and following the program structure listed, I've gone from 10%bf to 5%bf w/o losing any lbm.

(note: currently using Hot-Rox, C-19, ZMA, P-Drive, creatine, and plenty of Grow!, fish/flax oil, fiber, etc.)


I'm doing CW's Triple Total Training and leaning out. Liking it a lot.


Quattro Dynamo and TBT (both by CW) were both good for shedding fat and building muscle. I think the key is to keep your heart rate up through out the entire workout session, don't rest too long between sets.


thanks for the reply guys, ill take a look at TTT.

As for meltdown and GBC i think ill give them a miss as i think ill loose to much muscle, i'd rather burn the fat with cardio and keep my muscle with weights :stuck_out_tongue: