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Cutting Without Losing Muscle

    I have been training seriously for 2 years and put on a lot of muscle and lost some fat. I was very fat to begin with and now I want to do some serious cutting to show off what I worked hard for ;). Should I cut my calories by a lot in order to lose the extra fat considering I have a high body fat percentage, would consuming less protein affect muscle loss that much? Or would my body use it for fuel along with the fat?

Your help would be great as I have been stuck with this problem for a while now and it has been very frustrating trying to work it out.
I have no clue how much fat my body is, I am 5'7, I weigh 245lbs, and have a 38 inch waist.


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If you want to keep the muscle you have rightfully earned you have to force your body to accept it and require it. Don't think about cutting down just yet, work on holding at your current weight while slowly increasing or starting low intensity cardio. Take your carbs down slowly as well and keep protein intake high, or higher than it was.

Give your body time to accept the new weight gain so it isn't so quick to burn it off when you start bringing the calories down.

Whatever training took you to your current size is going to keep the muscle on you. Keep working on progression in the gym and let the fat come off SLOWLY through cardio and some very minor modifications to the diet. If you could post up a sample day of what you eat now it might give people a better idea or what you need to be doing.


Hey scott thanks for your advice bro, I will keep that into mind. I make the mistake usually of making drastic changes in my diet.


Think about trying HOT-ROX Extreme or Carbolin 19 with a very slight reduction of calories. This has yielded good fat loss for me with very good muscle and strength retention.



I'd recommend going with a low carb, high fat, moderate protein approach, with sporadic carb ups. Provided your calories are where they need to be, this should work very well.

Supplement wise I would use HOT-ROX Extreme, as Dedicated mentioned, along with high doses of Branched Chain Amino Acids, 10 grams in between meals, and pre, during, and post workout as well, if you can afford it. This has worked awesome for me, anyways.


Cut your calories SLOWLY, say 5%-10% every two weeks until you're losing 1-2lbs a week. Most people make the mistake of instantly going on a starvation diet, which is great for losing WEIGHT, but terrible for losing FAT.


clean up your diet analyze your workouts may have to add cardio or lengthen. Then you can lose plenty of fat while still gaining muscle. Up until you get to about the 20% range, or your waist is 34. After that you have to diet harder, and exercise harder and MAY have to worry about losing muscle while dieting