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Cutting with trenbolone and Hot-rox

Hi. I`m starting my cuttingcycle in 5weeks, please feel free to critique! This is my 6th cycle (200ibs, BF about 12-14%) Im aiming for 7-8%BF. (Ill soon post my pics, diet and workout)

Week 1-8: 75mg TA ED.
Week 9-12: 280mg oral winny (40mg ED).
Week 13-16: 100mg clomid ED with a frontload of 300mg, and methoxy.

Shal I start clomid week 13 or the last week while Im still on winny? Can I use winny morning only? If I only take one single dose at 12,5mg in the morning, the last week (week13)? Id like to use the winny week1-12 but I cant due to 17-aa (max 6weeks). I cant get hand on primo or anything else. Only TA, winny, clomid, armidex, and T3. Ill also use Hot-rox.

feel free to critique
Thanks for your comment //SA

keep cycle to 6 weeks, run winny, first 6 or last 6. run winny at 50-100mg/day. Add prop. 75-100mg/day. start clomid week 9. use t3 if you want, but try not to stay on it more than 5 weeks. do not use the t3 unless its during the cycle.

you may want to run hot rox post T-3. I believe it will help with Thyroid recovery…



i think you already got some pretty good advice from jt. i would add some test prop at at least 100mg ed. id run the tren and test for 8 weeks and ad the winstrol the last 6. save the hot rox until post cycle. as it aids in maintaining lbm and post cycle recovery. if you add the test you will also need an anti-e during.

I can`t get hand on testo!
Tnx for helping me out

I would run the clomid longer post cycle.

Hey tren-freak, what is your opinion?