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Cutting with Test E


I am wanting to start a cycle of Test-E, undecided on the length of the cycle, I want to try out Test before fully cycling with an oral such as anavar to see how my body reacts and I want to make some gains in the process. After the Test-E cycle, If I’m satisfied with the results I will cut with Test-E/Anavar and If I’m not happy with the result’s I will bulk with Test-e/Dbol, I am just wondering if this sounds logical and how long to do my cycle of Test-E for.

Stats: 6ft, 25 yrs, 86kg


Lifting experience? BF%?

Do a bunch more reading and all of your questions will be answered.

But you are on the right track, your first cycle should be test only.


When you mentioned anavar to cut I could tell you need to research more and i do not think you are remotely ready for a deca cycle.