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Cutting with Test 250mg

Hi guys, I need help regarding my third cycle, I’m going to cut with only test 250mg per week of total of 8 weeks. I calculated my calories for my body which 1870calories need for me to be in caloric deficit. Almost fully plan my meal plans and as for workout plans will be more onto strength based and supersets. Cardio three days in a week or maybe everyday for 20mins-30mins after wake up.
Here’s my stats Age 24. Height 5’11” . Fat percentage went up to 21% from 14% which is last year. Weight 86kg currently. I’m wondering is it ok if I proceed with this gear? Btw I have went sinusitis surgery recently about a month ago and now I have started again for a week already. Need help regarding it. Thanks guys.

250 mg… for what? unless you have low testosterone i dont see how 250mg can help you. at 24 your body should be producing about 250mg of test or 800-1100 ng/dl on the natch

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To sustain the gain, I’m scared that I will lose my muscles mass while on cutting that’s why. Thanks for ur info!

If all of your gains have been because of prior cycles then are they really gains or are they merely rented muscle? You said you’re at 21% bf. When I started TRT I was at 15%, bulked all the way up to 22%, and then slowly leaned back down to 15%, but with about 20lbs of new muscle. That took 14 months. You want to drop off 1/3 of your bf in eight weeks. Instead of running test at what is essentially a TRT dosage why don’t you just slowly, methodically diet down? You’re so young, dude. You can get where you want to go without any gear at your age. Seriously. Try it.

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what the heck did i just read

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Why bro, did I wrote something confusing?

I think he’s confused by your stated goal and how it doesn’t correspond with your planned cycle. I’m just guessing.

Thats more the " im scare i will loose my gain if i am cutting "

Well, I want to cutdown while build some muscle so i assume it would be a recomp cycle(main goal of this topic). I wanted to compete in men’s physique as well so I need to do it abit faster at least. So my question is, is it possible to build muscle while on calorie deficit with the test alone. Need advice from you guys :thinking::smiley:

probably ? if someone can cut without any test injection, do you think you can cut with more testosterone than a normal human ?

I haven’t lifted a weight in over a year and still am holding quite a bit of muscle weight. You can cut without the use of drugs and maintain a great deal of lean body mass especially if your goal is only 14%.

I can break down pharmokokinetics of testosterone if you like and why even low doses of accuretly dosed testosterone will be more hassle than beneficial in your individial case since the hormonal imbalances from coming off and on will cause specific genes to alter function systemically from the pancrease to neurosteroid essentialy creating ghrelin receptor releasing neurochanges that will make it very difficult to keep the fat off as opposed to having done it without steroids.


I only recomend blasting/cruising or long cycles with a month off a few months a year for heath reasons mostly.

That said, cut natrually and save the AAS for gaining size.