Cutting with some test added


I have been reading a lot about the necessity of adding a small amount of test. to a cutting cycle (made mostly of anabolics and low androgenics) to counter any inhibition of natural test. levels, so I was thinking of something like this…

Weeks 1 - 4 200 mg Primo depot(Pos. front load?)& 30 mg winny oral ED
week 1 250 mg test enanthate
week 3 250 mg of test enanthate

Plus clomid/novledex for 4 weeks post.

Does this look effective and is the test. advantagous?

Your input would be very much appreciated!

you would be much more satisfied with 50 im winstrol daily or 75-100 oral daily, 30 is most likely not enough.

I would also up the primo to 400mg/wk MINIMUM. It’s a mild drug, so you might not even notice 200mg!

also, if it is just a 4 week cycle, use prop, at 500-750mg/week.

you would probably be pretty disappointed with those low dosages. id add some test at 500-750mg per week. forget the primo, add tren at 75mg per day and winstrol at 50mg per day.

Thanks guys, good advice as always.