Cutting with roids


A lot of you guys swear by Test and dbol for cutting. I’m paying a diet guru for consultation and he says no to both claiming they will cause bloat. I’m using Primo/Tren for my cutter but would love to throw in some Enanthate and dbol as I have both on hand. Words of wisdom?

Also, if you use Enanthate at 250 mgs/week will it suppress enough to require lengthy clomid or nolvadex post cycle?


Tell your “guru” that taking Arimidex and/or Nolvadex will keep your water and bloat down. Primo and Tren are great for cutting. Throw in the Enanthate for sure… it will keep your girlfriend happy. PCT with Clomid and Nolvadex isn’t governed by how much Test you use, rather than how LONG you USE IT for. Taking 250mg a week or taking 1500mg a week will require the same PCT, it all depends on how long you stay on for. I hope this helps. Good luck.

I don’t know why everyone worries about any bloating while using test or other AAS, unless your preparing for a contest, who cares? Holding some extra water shouldn’t really be that big of a deal for recreational users, any excess water disapears when your off anyway, it’s not like your gaining fat just from using AAS, just some temporary water weight.

The water is bad for your blood pressure, it indicates your estrogen levels are too high, which may quite probably cause you to deposit fat in estrogenic areas that are a real bitch to diet off. So don’t use and anti-e’s, its your moon face and fat ass.

who cares? drop the test and d-bol a couple of weeks before your show or whatever it is that you are preparing for.

Mass is right about the duration of time you’re on test being the main factor of how supressed you become/what different levels your body shuts down. Furthermore, tren seems to be especially harsh in this regard for most so PCT is in call for without ?. BTW, I agree that d-bol in conjunction with a proper dose of ari/femar is great for cutting. A few of the vets here mentioned using it, and saying they liked it better than winny.