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Cutting with Ketosis

Thoughts on using Ketosis to cut weight. I did this last summer and lost a shocking amount of weight in a very short amount of time. Something like 215 to 185 in under two months and was really cut without even trying that hard but I also didn’t do an intense bulk over the winter so I wasn’t by any means overweight but I had more fat than I do now. Im wondering If I do a more intense bulk this year and put on more muscle mass than I did last year how much am I expected to lose doing this diet as opposed to the typical cutting diet.

Im also 18 and sitting at around 198 right now and planning on getting to 220. Last year I got to 215 but it wasn’t because I was eating a lot it was because I was drinking heavily and eating kind of healthy for a 17 year old. Also was only lifting a few times a week and not very seriously and now I am lifting about 6 days a week and taking my training much more serious.

Any “diet” can work well for you given that calorie balance and macronutrients are on point. Don’t keto personally because I like my carbs and they fuel my workout allowing me to maintain intensity and thus maintain as much muscle as possible in a deficit. If it works well for you tho I’d use it.

Should be more concerned about what really matters to your diet e.g. consistency (see below from Renaissance Periodization)


Great help thanks!