Cutting with... <i>Bacteriostatic Water?</i>

Hey bros,

Can you cut oil-based gear with sterile water as you would cut it with sterile oil? I know oil and water don’t mix, but just want to see if anyone has done it.

I was thinking that BA and water would mix, so would some of the BA come out of solution and mix with the water?

Just curious.

OK, who said oil and water don’t mix? HMMM. I was talking to a freind of mine the other day and we were just discussing this very same thing. Wonder what is in the muscle…Water. I guess the answer to your question would be yes. If you can put Winny and oil based in the same syringe and inject then you can do the same for Bat. water. I do know what you were getting at when you say they don’t mix though. :slight_smile:

it sounds logical to me. i dont see why it really matters if it mixes. if like you say it can dillute the ba then it might just work.

Why not just try it and let us know your results - compare it to cutting with sterile oil to see what difference there is.

You can try it as p-22 said, but I doubt it’ll help anything.

If the steroid isn’t water soluble (most aren’t) then you’re pretty much just adding injection volume for no reason.

This is just opinion, but I think it’s logical.

The more I think about it, the less merit the idea appears to have.

Even if the oil and water were to mix in the syringe, after it sits in your muscle it would separate pretty fast and you’d be right back where you started except with a higher injection volume.

Do not do this. They will not mix and you will ruin your gear. Buy a new bottle of Wesson oil and cut it with this.

Water in oil is an emulsion. Just like a salad dressing after the intial agitation the hydrophobic component will seperate from the water. So I wouldn’t think there would be much to be gained.

Yes you can do it. No you won’t ruin your gear. Whether or not you’d want to is another question. I’d mix an waterbased steroid like winny with a less painful oil based steroid in a minute. But I don’t know whether or not the bacteriostatic water would relieve pain. Infact Bacteriostatic water on its own can be a little painful.
I personally like the fresh bottle of wesson soybean oil myself. Just be careful and keep sterility in mind.


The whole reason I got on this water kick was because the only sterile oil I ran across at my needle supplier was soy oil. Injecting soy just didn’t appeal to me, don’t want my body turning into a pile of tofu.

And what makes you guys think that your cooking oil is sterile - even if it is straight from a fresh bottle? Does it say it is sterile? I can’t imagine it does.