Cutting with Home Equipment

Due to circumstances I won’t be able to go to gym for the next few months. In other words I will be limited to the use of what I have at home, 2 kettlebells (16 and 28kg) and 2 adjustable dumbbells (up to 15kg) and an ab roller.

Since I probably can’t gain much mass with these (I’m 6’7 115kg) I’ve decided to lose some fat and improve conditioning, while trying to maintain what muscle I have.

Here’s the workout I’ve been planning.

Warm up: Kettlebell snatch into overhead squat (16kg, 2 sets/side)

A1: Military press (28kg, 3 sets/side)
A2: Kettlebell row (28+16kg, 3 sets/side)

B1: Push ups elbows tucked in (3 sets)
B2: Dumbbell curls (3 sets)

C1: Lunges (28kg, 3 sets per side)
C2: Ab roll outs (3 sets)

I’ll leave the reps 1 short of failure, but try to improve on total volume each time.

I would do this workout Mon/Thu, and do either Tabata or Bloody Dumbbell Complex on Tue/Fri for fat loss. Diet-wise I’ll be doing T-dawg 2.0.

What do you think of this? Suggestions?

Thanks for your input!

While it definitely is possible to gain mass while cutting, it’s something that should be left to more advanced lifters who know a great deal about diet and training. Throw in a couple (or three) cardio sessions at roughly 70% heart-rate for 30-35 minutes and watch your diet carefully. I would suggest Christian Thibaudeau’s Refined Physique Transformation.