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Cutting With HGH?

Anyone used HGH for a cut. I was looking at it but it looks like at 4iu a day, we are looking at $200 a month or so. I tried this stuff like 15 years ago and I am not sure if it helped with weight loss, but my feet swole up and I looked like a hobbit from Lord of the Rings. I don’t know if I did something wrong or had bad stuff, but it seems a bit expensive. Is it worth it?

It works for that. I wrote an HGH how to guide a few weeks ago. Might find it helpful

I would love to read it. Is it in the main section or the forums, or do you have a link?

Thank you. That was a great write- up. Going to have to save a bit for a cycle. To your knowledge, is HGH faked a lot like var or primo?

Hey SH, just a couple of questions. Did you always have a metabolism like that (in the HGH article) or do you attribute it to the TRT + Mast and HGH? I use to have a great metabolism when younger, so great it was hard to bulk. Now I can bulk at 2500 k/cal or so. Im 48. I was thinking of adding mast for a bit, do you like it? I am constantly trying to cut down to 15%. I have plenty of mass, esp for my age, I just want to see it.

I think it mostly legit powder from China

My metabolism was great as a young man but it pretty much slowed way down in my 30s and I had to what’s to stay lean. Being on trt has helped a lot but the hgh seems to make all the difference