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Cutting with D-Dol

Hey guys,

I was suggested stacking Dianabol (30-40 a day) with test p for 6 weeks approximately, than going solo on winstrol for another 4.
What do you think about this 10 weeks cycle, every suggestion would be greatly appreciated, thanks :slight_smile:

How much have you researched this on your own? What is the purpose of this cycle? Is this your first cycle? Do you plan on running future cycles? Age? Years training?

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What’s your height weight and bodyfat?

Why solo winstrol?

Well, I’ve pretty much read almost everything at the web about this substances. The cycle is for cutting, and I got experience with Dbol, winny and test E (3-4 cycles), been training about 6-7 years.

I’m 175 cm/79 kilos, around 12-13% bf. Winy is taken to “harden” the musculature after dbol

At that body fat you won’t notice anything from the hardening effect of winny.

And regardless unless you were about to step on stage this is a retarded idea to run winstrol solo.

If you wanna cut get your diet together and avoid this disaster of a cycle you have planned. Run your normal test dbol and eat in a caloric deficit and you will do fine.

Winny is after 6 weeks of test p and dbol, i know I’m not in the condition yet :slight_smile:

The best cutting drug is one that you already have access to 24/7 and it’s not even a drug. It’s your brain. Use it to make smart dietary choices and you will cut effectively 100% of the time, no side effects.