Cutting with 5/3/1

I hate to be one of those “rate my routine” guys but oh well no one knows me on here!

Hows does this look. I know it looks like a lot but I am layed off so I have more than enough recovery time.

Sunday- 20 mins HIIT
Monday - Squat
Tuesday- Bench
Wednesday - 1 hour rowing
Thursday- Deadlift
Friday - Military Press 20 mins HIIT.

Or would I be better off simply lifting for 30 mins and 15-20 mins hill sprints 4 days a week?

What would you change? (I am guessing everything)

You have no recovery days!

I’d do as Jim Wendler suggests and perform your hardest metabolic/conditioning/cardio workouts after your squat and deadlift days and use your lower-intensity cardio after your upper body days.

Then, you could keep one additional day for longer duration moderate-to-low-intensity cardio and have two complete days off.

Thats what I thought, just wanted to see how dumb it looked written out.


It’s a function of diet. Even if you just did 5/3/1 with a caloric deficit you’d get cut.