Cutting With 24 Inch Arms

Hey Guys,
I’m new to T-Nation, just got kicked off of Body because I was a bit too serious and took body building too seriously for their liking. Honestly Iâ??m way musclier than most people there and just got sick of all those amateurs. But don’t get me started!

I hope you guys can appreciate real mass and I can share my wealth of experience. If you need any tips from one of the elites in this sport just ask me, Iâ??m more than willing to help.
I gathered a lot of you guys consider yourselves pretty big and i congratulate you for what you have achieved, but if you want real advice, come to me. Youâ??re probably thinking why, would I ask you out of everyone?

Answer: Iâ??ve been working out since I was 11 years old, over those years Iâ??ve packed on some serious mass as you can obviously see below. I have also been personally trained by famous builders over the years and been offered to feature as the face of many products and gyms, however I have turned all these commitments down due to my strenuous workout plan.

Donâ??t worry, when I was starting off, I had no idea how to lift, diet or put on any mass at all. But over my hard worked years I have gained much experience and knowledge. I agree my body fat is a little high for contest shape but I am planning to take part in my very first contest in the upcoming months.

Iâ??m confident I can destroy the competition, however even I need some tips on this. I would like to know what changes I need to make to go on a cut while maintaining muscle mass? My current diet consists of only two meals, as I know eating fewer meals will help me keep the fat away.

My diet consists of:
Breakfast (Meal 1): 2L of full cream milk, 250g of grilled leg meat ham, 2 egg yolks, 1 large Kransky sausage and a large bowl of white rice.

As you can see my breakfast is extremely high in calories, however this assists in an anabolic response from the body. (I donâ??t recommend this diet to anyone else as I have an extremely high metabolic rate my body is able to cope but not all people may be able to tolerate the severely high caloric demand of this diet)

Dinner (Meal 2):
A large bowl of macaroni and cheese, garlic bread, a large flask of coffee (This stimulates my metabolism and keeps me AWAKE! Sleep is for losers!)

My measurements are:
Weight: 340 Lbs
Arms: 25 Inches
Thatâ??d all the measurements need as those are my strongest points. My lifts are also quite impressive, if anyone would like to see then donâ??t be afraid to ask.

I know many of you think I wonâ??t need to cut anymore as Iâ??m defined enough, but for contest level Iâ??m going to have to.
Iâ??ll post more photos of the contest and post contest.
Thanks for youâ??re help guys, and remember if you want any expert tips just hit me up.
Thanks again.

Photo no.2

Sorry about the weird characters in my typing and also my arms are 24 inches not 25 that was also a typo due to my current state of lethargy because of my legs workout today. I hate legs day!!

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[quote]obsoletestate wrote:
i just saw you on a commercial, something about tires.[/quote]

Hmm, I was thinking Ghost Busters.

Excuse me but would you care to explain your rather offensive comment, I’ve just joined and was looking to gain and share knowledge here not get involved with idiots like you lot but seriously I’d like to compare my physique and utter mass to yours. Seriously! Think before you comment.

If there are some serious people on this website that would like to discuss possible faults in my diet that would be great, I need help for cutting for my upcoming contest.

Obvious troll is very… obvious.

Hey thanks for the offer,
i’m new to T-Nation as well…
how many times do you train a week?

Can someone please post some helpful advice. Do I not have the right to post my pictures.

Also what is a troll?

I train 7 days a week. With low reps.

[quote]obsoletestate wrote:
i just saw you on a commercial, something about tires.[/quote]

Hahahahha! FUNNY! So is the Ghostbusters too!

And I’m thinking heart attack, yah, that comes to mind!

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Too Obvious

[quote]Massive-Bulk wrote:
been offered to feature as the face of many products and gyms

[quote]Massive-Bulk wrote:
I am planning to take part in my very first contest in the upcoming months.

If you’re going to troll, at least make it semi-believable… How can you be asked to feature for products if you’ve never entered a contest?

What’s troll?

My Gym held a contest at which I decided not to pose but got seen by a guest poser (Lee Priest). They wanted me to pose displayin sheer mass, quite obviouly I have barely any deffinition which is what has stopped me in the past from competing.

go back to or at least try again as a funnier, more believable troll.

Alright all of you people FUCK YOU! I am not a troll. I need serious help cutting and I thought I would ge some here but quite clearly I was wrong.

Well dude, you look pretty amazing, so I doubt anyone here could give you much advice.

Clearly you have your diet and training nailed, so really, what advice could you possibly need? Maybe you could teach the rest of us a few things…

your not going to get into contest shape any time soon, and your not going to do it using 2 meals a day. go learn something about nutrition and then come back.