Cutting While Maintaining Muscle

okay ive been taking an ephardra product they reccommend stopping after the time ive been taking it for a while so, im thinking of this modified velocity diet,with one real meal per day

take HOT-ROX during the day protein drinks with a scoop of BCAA powder

thinking isntead of flax seeds i can take Melting Point (same as fish oil cept strogner and has laxitive effects)

at ngith before i sleep camphbolic (makes u burn fat for fuel)

Cissus reccomended dosages

and to aid in appetite surpression and weight loss ,ectotropin

what do u guys think?

Why don’t you just reduce your calories to maintanence levels or slightly lower and weight train?

Aren’t you the guy that’s 30+% BF that inquired about the “best fat loss drug”? How about some simple dieting, weight lifting and patience?

Why would you ignore all of the advice given in your other thread and create this thread? Did you only come here to hear what you want to hear, as opposed to getting real answers to your questions?