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Cutting While Injured


Ok, so I came off a dirtbike on the weekend and have a separation in my AC joint so I can't do any upper body exercises for at least a few weeks and will only be able to do machine lower body exercises.

I was planning to cut body fat in a couple of weeks as summer is approaching here in Australia.
Is cutting while not being able to train a good idea or will the lack of training coupled with reduced calories be too catabolic? Will supplementing with BCAAs and keeping protein high be enough to keep catabolism at an acceptable level? Or should I just keep my calories higher to help reduce any upper body loss?

Any help is appreciated.


I just had my appendix removed, so I'm limited to walking and laughably light shoulder/forearm work. I'm just making this the beginning of my cut cycle, as I'll be going home in December. Regarding your predicament, you're going to lose what you don't work. Keep that in mind.


Can you work the other arm? And can you handle weight on your back (like barbell in a squat, without holding it with your arms)?


I can work the other arm, although it's my dominant side so it's probably slighty better developed than the other.
How do you hold a barbell on your back without using your arms? I don't have a safety squat bar at my gym.


It's pretty ridiculous, but it can be done.

My advise, get 2 Rbands and loop them around, then slide you arms in for a couple hundred lb backpack.

For everything else go 1 arm, 1 arm deads are pretty rough if you havent tried them. Worry about the other arm later if you REALLY need to cut, though I might do some squeezing grip work here and there since your other arm will mainly be doing grip stuff.

Static (isometric) work could be good too, if you can handle it. Things like squeezing and holding the arch in your back while on a bench or flexing your muscles on your other arm, like rear delt, scap squeezes, anything that doesnt hurt, just flex the hell out of it to help keep some balance.