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Cutting Weight


Hello, I'm looking to cut B/F%. I am 24 years old 5 foot eight inches tall and weigh 250 pounds. I have been lifting since 8th grade on and off the last 2 years i have hit it really hard. I recently have changed my mind from gaining mass to losing B/F and I have been having some problems. I am looking to do a cycle to jumpstart the cutting. Right now im looking at about 25to40 Mg of Anavar + 75Mg of injectable Winny both of those are E/D and Im looking into Clen or T3, also have not checked into that area yet but so far with the addition of the T3 or Clen

does this cycle seem effective for cutting? Any advice will be considered. My diet is going to consist of 2oograms of protein and about 150 grams of carbs in the morning and early afternoon and i will get as little saturated fat as possible.

Work out will consist of Monday+Wednesday+Friday heavy lifting starting with deadlift,leg press, or another powerlift then a mile worth of interval cardio at the end sprint a tenth of a mile walk a tenth till i get to a mile. On Tuesday/Thursday it will be ab's and a half hour of constant cardio.

Well let me know what you guys all think I'm new to cutters i have done a cycle of juice before but for mass and str. one question about this cycle is PCT i am not sure ill need any pct with what i want to use other then tapering off the stuff at the end.

Please let me know if i can do something better or im doing something wrong.


what is your current BF% ?


I have never had it tested very acurately unless them looking at how tall I am in proportion to how much
I weigh is accurate. When they did that though they said I was like 33% which I dont believe but by no means do I think im very healthy.would a picture help? Naked maybe even i'll just wear a sock hahaha just kidding any help here is appreciated