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Cutting Weight


I'm interested in anyone's experience with cutting weight for a strength competition. I recently read some articles about some of the old time O-lfters like John Davis that indicated that they preferred to lose weight rapidly just prior to their competitions. I just started competing at 94K (207 Lbs) in O-Lifts. I tried to stay at that weight for several months prior to competition. I'm wondering if I should worry less about maintaining that weight while I train and then drop 5-10 lbs before the competition. Any thoughts?


Standard physiological rule of thumb...The faster it's lost, the faster you will gain it back. I generally drop 8-10 pounds overnight to make weight for 24-hour weigh ins. Water weight is the safest to lose in a short amount of time.


About a zillion years ago, Fred Hatfield wrote that the most weight that most lifters can lose (assuming a same-day weighin), without losing any strength, is 3.5% of total bodyweight. Idunno if he got that information from the Bulgarian weightlifting team coaches, but, supposedly, they used that same rule of thumb. I've used the same rule, for same-day and previous-day weighin's, and it seems to work fairly well. However, results obtained in a "statistical sample of one" don't prove anything.


I've lost as much as 15.5 in water weight - even more when you factor in pre-dehydration carb depletion. I actually compete this weekend (weigh-in is Friday morning), and I'll be going from 180 this morning to 165.25 on Friday at 9AM. The 24-hour weigh-in makes this possible; I wouldn't do it if I had a same-day weigh-in.


can you enlighten me on the "24 Hr" process to cut down. Then how fast do you gain it back?


Bump. I would also like to know the 24 process for cutting about 10 pounds of water.


sauna, or wearing ghetto garbage bag raincoats while running, or the Texas sun. caffiene helps dehydrate, you could drink nothing but coffee the day before weigh-in, rubbing alcohol showers keep you cool and disapate your sweat, running your hands under warm water, drinking epsom salt water (the day before), and many other methods work.
Dropping about 10 pounds is easy for me, I just don't eat breakfast. how much do you weigh? is this for a 24 hour weigh-in or a morning weigh-in?
there are many methods, the safest involve a week's preparation, 24 hr weighin and alot of bottled water.
3 days sodium load, 3 days sodium depletion, weigh-in, salty food and 2 gallons of water, on the morning of the next day you're back to normal.
it is possible to drop two weight classes if you do some really dumb shit, but you'll be weak as hell for the comp.