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Cutting Weight


I'm 5'7 and started at 300 pounds im trying to lose about a hundred pounds of fat. I am eating 5 or 6 meals a day and around 200 to 300 calories per meal. It started great I lost like 50 pounds in the first 2 months. But, Now I am weak as hell cant hardly get out of bed and crave bread noodles potatoes. Just typing that makes me want to run to the kitchen LOL. I am very dumb about these things if anyone has any easy simple tips please let me know. I do cardio 5 days a week 30 mins mon. wed. fri. 20 mins tue. thur. And I lift on Mon. wed. fri. also. im now stuck at 250 and starving and weak. help anybody! please!


I'm no guru, but I've lost almost 60 pounds in the past year. I hit several plateaus, and found myself in a similar boat as you on a few occasions. So I'll share what I've learned and what worked for me.

When you've got that much weight to lose, you really can't expect to lose it all at once. Doing so will really depress your metabolism.

It'd probably be a good idea to increase your total calories by adding some more healthy foods and try to maintain your current weight for a few months. You may also want to take a break from your current exercise routine for about a week. Stay active, though. Play some sports, try out some new exercises, do GPP. When you start training again, reduce your cardio so that you're only doing it on days you don't lift. Keep your lifting sessions intense with short rest periods.

You should start to feel better soon, and after a couple of months, you can start thinking about losing weight again. I'd suggest setting a goal to lose another 10 pounds or so, and then reduce your calorie intake by a few hundred and maybe add a little more cardio back in. Once you hit the goal, evaluate how you feel and decide whether to continue losing or switch back to maintance again.

One last thing: make sure your diet's dialed in. I'm not talking about monitoring your calories so much as making sure that you're getting a good mix of healthy foods, including lean meats, fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc. Make sure you're getting lots of protein, but also good fats (if you're not already using flax seed and fish oil, definitely consider them) and moderate carbs.


I just noticed that you're new here, so I want to add something else.

Invest some time in reading the articles on this site. For the first several weeks after I found this site, I spent almost every free minute I had reading. There is a ton of incredibly useful information from people who really know their stuff when it comes to diet and training. Besides educating yourself, I think that you'll find it to be very motivational.


Obviously you are in need of a shake up here.

First and formost you need to INCREASE your caloric intake. Keep this mostly in healthy fats and protein. This will help stave off the body consuming itself which I would guess is already happening here. Keep it to 5-6 meals per day--or more--and add in a tablespoon of olive oil here and ther or maybe invest in flax oil or my favorite fish oil. Take a serving or two with your first couple of meals each day. Second--be sure to include at least 25-30g of protien at each meal.

Third try to keep the majority of your carbs complex and as early in the day as possible. The only good time for simple type carbs is directly following your workout.

Just these little tweaks should get the body going again.

Now let's look at your workout schedule. Why do th longer cardio workouts on the days you lift? At the bare minimum lets reverse this. You may even want to skip one of those cardio workouts or at least move it to the weekend . Your body needs resr as much as it needs work. I don't know enough about your workout program to critique, but suffice to say that if you have not altered this in a while, a tweak here or there will really help you push through this plateau. Increase weight and decrease reps. Limit rest between sets. Up the intensity or volume or both, but shake it up.

I'm betting you'll see renewed vigor and excitement wrt your workout and results in a very short time.

Good luck