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Cutting Weight


i have some questions for those of you that are more experienced with cutting weight, and hope that this might turn into a "how to cut weight" thread..

anyway, i'm planning on entering a MMA tournement down the road...sometime around August. most likely i'll fight at 205, and am currently 235 (out-of-shape, i know, i know...). my plan is to get back in shape, and get my "walking" bodyweight down to 210-212. i figure cutting 7 lbs of water should be relatively easy, and when i rehydrate, keep me from being too small, so to speak.

my tentative plan, would be to start restricting water about 4 days out, and start using an herbal diruetic (somthing like Taraxatone) and an OTC AI (6-OXO Xtreme) at that time as well, in order to help flush out water. also, i will prolly adopt a low carb diet at that point to further encourage water loss...

after wigh-iin, start up with a diluted solution of Gatorade (50% solution, 50% water), creatine, BCAA's to rehydrate.

now i haven't cut wieght since HS wrestling, and am now 32, so i realize that my metabolism isn't as forgiving, and there are prolly better ways of doing this as well.

any ideas and critisms welcome!




Try this.



also, i forgot to mention that i have Training for Warriors by Martin Rooney, which has a section on cutting weight....


you can also check out the grapplers guide to sports nutrition by Dr. Berardi


When you restrict water, you make your body hold onto whatever water you give it. When you are drinking a ton of water, your body won't feel the need to hold onto water, and will be more willing to excrete it.

For a Saturday morning weigh-in (powerlifting), I will drink 2+ gallons of water a day for that week until around noon on Friday, when I will stop ALL water (if I have to cut a lot), and not eat or drink anything moist. The only exception to this rule is I will eat a lemon before bed. Lemons also act as a diuretic, and are amazingly good when you have a dry mouth. :wink:

I also use taraxatone or dandelion.

It sucks, and sometimes I'll have to chew on ice cubes and spit them out, but it's an effective way for me to drop a few lbs.

I have a two hour weigh-in window. You can be more extreme, sweat, etc. if you have a 24 hour weigh-in.


I just made my scratch weight a weight class higher than my wrestling weight.

This was easy as wrestling tended to be separated by five lb weight classes.

The day before a meet, I ran a few miles in trash bags.

It worked for me. And the running wasn't so intense it affected my performance. In fact, I would say it helped. It kept me loose where staying stagnant for a day or two let the abuse of practice and training tighten me up.

Maybe not what you are looking for but it worked for me with out getting all scientific and obsessed.

I probably could have cut another class or two, but I was winning where I was and didn't see the point.

Cutting is definitely a part of combat sports but if you already have a low bf percentage don't exclude improving your technique for a win rather than manipulating your body weight to fight small people.

And if you have a high body fat percentage, you are not cutting. You are losing weight. Which is good.


If your competing the same day as the weigh in make sure you find out what time gap exists between stepping of the scales and getting on the mat. I cut weight for the first time for a BJJ tournament recently and was caught really bad for my weight classed tournament and was gassing in about 30 seconds. Wasn't until an hour later during the absolute tournament that I got the wind back in my sails. Lesson learned.

I would rather have a full gas tank than a weight advantage anyday. Technique and power will evercome a few pounds weight difference.



This can give you some ideas...

i wouldn't follow it to the letter but it's pretty informative. Imo get the Cosgrove e-book. if you have the cash you can never go wrong with Berardi.

Imo...7lbs especially at your weight you can dry cut. it all depends when you're weighing in actually.

If you're very precise with your weight tracking (weigh yourself same time, same scale, same meal pattern, etc) then you might be able to "cut" 7lbs just by skipping a meal and having some metamucil (ie, taking a nice big shit&piss (or 3)).

A lot of times amateur muay thai fights have same day weigh in's (they mismanage time a lot) so this is basically what i do (as well as shadowbox with some thai liniment on for a few min, that cuts easily 2lbs of water)... Then i carb up with fruit right after.

As OMC said, it really depends WHEN your weigh in is... Same day? i wouldn't go over 5-8lbs... day before? sky's the limit. And especially at a higher weight such as your's you can take a bit more off than i can.


4 days is way way way too early. You can easily cut 7 pounds just a few hours before the weigh in. I like hot-as-you-can-stand-it epsom salt water baths (30 min). This will get you really close alone. Then think about gentle over the counter legal diuretics. I really believe those two things alone can do 7 pounds. If you cut anymore, then a bit in a sauna will finish you off.


We have had a acouple threads like this
with similar good advice...
and this thread has some good stuff too.

I used to do pretty big cuts all the time.
10 to 12 pounds 2 to 3 times a week
1 hour before matches in college.
this is on a sub 145 lb athlete.

I will echo what everyone else has said
that at your weight, it might be as easy as skipping a meal, and having a good movement
to render you empty.


I would cut to 205 from 237-240 the Sunday prior to fighting. Here is my cut routine, if it helps.

When cutting same day I stayed smaller usually cutting from 225 to 205 or 230 to 210 if USKBA.

The cubes are for salt, helps stop the storage of salt and water, that is the premise for the plan, I usually pissed out most of my weight between thursday and friday, didn't have to kill myself.

After weight ins I would take pedialyte and gatorade mixed half and half. I usually finished 2 x 32oz bottles of each and 3 gallons of water that night, and eat a lot of fresh fruit and yogart, that is what worked for me, but this plan worked awesome maybe you could get some ideas from it.


Like last fight, Sunday was 237, weigh in was 203.5 Saturday night was 234. Not tired fatigued no problems.

I do have one bad ritual though after I am pretty rehydrated on Friday, I have pizza and wings.


Are you saying you cut 20lbs water in one day?


Nope 2 days for the water cut part, the day part is refering to the fact that weigh-ins for most am fights are day of the fight, so you only have like 5 to 6 hours before competing. In that case I wouldn't allow myself to dehydrate as much, plus look at my weight. 20lbs is less than 10% of my bodyweight, I know plenty of wreslters that cut a higher percentage multiple times per week during season


but if you notice there is almost a month of manipulation of body systems to do this. The reason I like doing it this way is because I don't have to exhaust myself to cut the weight.


awesome-thanks for all the replys! i just got back into town, so i'll look through this again, and post my much revised plan....


i cut by jumping rope, with 3-4 layers on + a plastic outer suit. if you can, turn the temperature up in the room too.



hey mods, can we get a sticky for this?


Hey Guys,
I have a situation as far as cutting weight goes and I would like some suggestions. I do TKD and both national tournaments are in the same week. The first one I fight in, is on Tuesday(June 30) and my weigh is monday(June 29th). My second tournament of the week is July 5th with the weigh in on July 4th. On monday,I have to be 158 and on July 4th,I have to be 163.1.

I know I need to be ready to fight tuesday but I cant not be so heavy that it will make it hard for me to get back down for the 4th of July weigh. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to maintain a pretty feasible weight?Thanx.