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Cutting Weight, Water Cut Limitations?


Have a meet coming up and I’m heavier than I have been in the past. Last two meets I went from 205-206 to 198. Both times I did it by water cut, and it was easy. I didn’t change my diet, just 2 gallons a day for 3 days, then a half gallon day before weigh in and the weight dropped. I did have to sweat out 1 lb for the last meet since in the morning I clocked in at 199. So, it seems like a simple water cut for me has as a working limit about 8 lbs.

These days I’m 213 (morning) and 216 (during the day). I don’t think a water cut will get me where I need to be. How would you go about making weight? Carb manipulation and water loading?


That’s really not much to cut, just sweat it out in a hot bath or sauna, with no food or water starting at least 12 hours out from the weigh in. Light diuretic use will make it even easier. This is assuming a 24hr weigh-in of course, for a 2hr you’ll struggle to recover.

Edit: I’ll be cutting from 95-96kg (~210lbs) or so to under 90 (198lbs) for my meet this week, and I consider myself underweight for the class


Thanks for your post.

You think it’s possible to cut 15 lbs via sweating? Or would you water load and drop 8 or so then the balance in a sauna the morning of weigh ins?

You and I are about the same weight, and if you consider yourself underweight at 210 for the 198 class, do you think most guys are coming in at 220 or 225?


@knobby22 I believe most of the best 90kg lifters are around 98-100kg, and certainly it’s possible to be that heavy and cut without problems (so why not?).

Yes, I’d aim for 4-5bs through water manipulation and glycogen depletion (no carbs for a couple of days before), then cut around 8-10lbs via sweating and go to bed around 200-202lbs. The last bit can be lost overnight and with gum / spitting or more sauna time just before the weigh in.

I’ll add that I’m certainly no expert though, as I’ve never cut more than about 5kg. People like Chris Duffin, Kevin Oak, Matt Kroc (previously), Amit Sapir, Dustin Reed on this site, etc. have all cut significant amounts of weight and have their own protocols. It might not be easy, but rest assured it’s possible to cut huge amounts of weight if necessary; the problem becomes recovery afterwards with more extreme cuts.


Roger that. I’ll work on putting a plan together. As for recovery I’m looking into working with a physician to get and IV for hydration. Will need a good re-feed eating plan.

The most I dropped is 8 lbs and there were no ill effects. Seems 15 lbs wouldn’t be extreme but just a bit more effort will have to be made to make it happen.


Are you going for a major record?


No, but but not far away from the deadlift record for 198 Masters 2 depending on federation.

Talked to my coach today, he said 15 lbs easy with a water cut, sauna and stop drinking booze.


If I was you I would just compete at your current weight. It sounds like a lot of bullshit for nothing.