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Cutting Weight Thread


I'm competing in a grappling tourney this Saturday. It's not really a big deal, but I like to win so I might as well come in as strong as possible.

Didn't really plan on cutting too much weight but since I saw the tourney schedule today, I'm starting to think it might be worth it.

So here comes the part where you help me consider this (thanks in advance):

I weighed 194.4 with t-shirt, shorts, and my mp3 player (no more than 2 lbs, probably less) on today at 6 PM. This is after eating a good amount today.

I have 4.5 - 5.5 hours between the weigh ins and the actual competition.

I know I can easily get under 189.9.

I'm wondering if it'd be worth shooting for 179.9? Think I have time?

I'm thinking hell yea. From what I hear, it takes about an hour to get 3 lbs. of water back and I'll weigh less than I do now by the time I cut water weight.

What are your thoughts?

Oh, also, what kinds of food should I take between weigh in and competing if I decide to go this route?

Thanks guys.


Nobody even wants to tell me how stupid I am?


Losing 15 pounds by Saturday? I wouldn't go for it- you don't want to show up weak as hell from trying to cut all that weight. Whatever you decide, though, good luck!


If it is your first time seriously cutting weight, then I'd say go for it. But it doesn't sound like it is, so I would refrain from cutting that large an amount of weight on the first go-round. I know it doesn't seem like the kind of thing where experience matters, but the more you are used to it the better you handle it mentally and physically.


I think you meant to say that if it's my first time (why did I just think of the girls gone wild commercial?), then I shouldn't do it.

To be honest, there's really no GOOD ENOUGH reason for me to cut the weight as far as being more competitive, I've just never done it before and like a good challenge.

One of the guys I train with asked me why the hell I'm doing it. I just told him to see if I could. Crazy as it sounds, it's the truth.


15 lbs is attainable by saturday. I wrestled with a state champ in high school who regularly cut that amount of weight in the days before a match. If I remember correctly he would show up on the day of weigh ins a few lbs over, and sweat/spit out the last few before he stepped on the scale. So yeah, I know it can be done, but I really dont have any tips on a 'smart' way to do it. And as insane of an athlete and grappler this kid was I dont think he did anything special either, other than eat like a bird and run nonstop for hours in a bag suit. Im in the process of looking up some kind of grappling club myself. I havent wrestled since HS (95') but i'm trying to get my conditioning up to a level where I wouldnt be embarrassed 30 seconds into the first period. Good luck.


Oh yea, any tips on the re-feed?


Here is a good article on the subject. He talks about how to cut weight without losing strength.



thats a good article on elite....my opinion is if you had more of a refeed window i would say yes, but i recently did a strongman comp. and cut about 12lbs in a day and had 12hrs to refeed and still felt week as hell....good luck




Are you planning on cutting water or cutting it all before the weigh-ins? I would say that cutting 15 lbs of water your first time through would be pretty hard.

That said, some simple advise is to stop eating and drinking the night before and don't take a shower or eat anything the morning of weigh-ins. Weigh yourself and see where you are, but you should be 3-5 lbs lighter than your ususal. 10lbs of water shouldn't take you that long to cut and it seems like you have the time to rehydrate.


Here's one of the best articles on the subject:


can someone make a sample day of how it would go trying those methods you guys posted with the links. you stop eating after lunch (no fluids either) and then you just go in sauna and stuff throughout the rest of the day and at the end of the day before u sleep u eat everything back? can someone please clear it up


You can certainly get to 179.9 by Saturday, but I would advise very strongly against trying to put nearly 15 pounds back on in 5 hours. You might get the weight back in you, but you'll probably feel bloated and dehydrated at the same time. Plus that's a good way to get the squirts.


I've never met someone I couldn't get weight off of. Not even Jared.

For future reference... load up on salt,the weeks prior to your competition. About 2 days out, stop all salt intake and keep your water intake high (1 gallon+...). Cut out water 24 hours before your weigh in. Since your body becomes so used to flushing out water because of the high salt and water intake, you expel water much quicker. Becoming dehydrated quicker means less overall time dehydrated.

If you're real worried, cut out carbs a week out. This will deplete your glycogen stores, and this is a lot of weight since glycogen is 90% water. Ever hear of how people lose so much weight in the begining of a low carb diet?


forgot to add that the best thing about carb depleting, is the over compensation that occurs after you weigh in, will help you put on a good deal of weight after weigh in and give you extra energy.