Cutting Weight Program

I have recently been on a huge mass program and now want to completely cut up. I have invested in a nutritionist as I know diet is the most important aspect of trimming up.

I was wondering if anyone could suggest a good cutting program. I have access to the gym whenever and however much. I have been lifting of 7 + years.

Any good programs would be really appreciated.

Thank you.

I’d suggest beginning with adding in cardio, but keep your lifting the same as if you were building muscle (still trying to progress) and go from there.

This is a list of all the gaining/cutting diets on here:

It was at the top of the home page. I suggest using the search function if you want to see more specific diets.

Its hard to say without really knowing what you were doing, what your previous diet was, and what your current diet is going to be. All of those things will play major roles in what you should do…

Also, if you just bulked up and added a bunch of weight, you probably should try to maintain for a while and adjust to that weight before cutting. Maybe just adjust your diet to maintain weight, and continue to try to progress as carnage mentioned.

In general though for cutting, you want to keep the weights heavy, but with less volume, add some cardio, and adjust as needed.