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Cutting Weight for Boxing


Hey, if this is the wrong place for this question, I apologize in advance.

Anyways, I'm 6'0" 178, and last time I was measured I was %18BF... I've only been training for 3.5 months :smiley: I've got my first amateur fight (boxing) at the end of the month and I've got to make the LHW limit (170-175). Originally the plan was 160-164, but now my trainer is saying 175.

I didn't eat any carbs yesterday, and I'm doing the same today. My gym didn't open on time so I went for a run and now I feel nasty and am shaking slightly. Should I just avoid all carbs for a week to go into ketosis and burn fat, or can I eat some carbs? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, I'd do some reading but right now I just need to know what I can eat ASAP as I feel like I'm fatiguing and starved. Thanks.


unless im nuts..your 178..and need to be 175 ?? and this takes tricks ??
cant be..I have lost 12 lbs in 1 day....42 lbs in 3 months..and at one time 30 lbs in 22 days..low carb wont matter (many will claim different) but for you,its calories,they will be low any way..so
you should be able to make that limit in 1 work out...and in the USA boxing amatures...its 178 lbs isent it ? weights have changed so maybe not..
work out hard,watch your fluid,dry out as they call it..for 3 days straight drink tons of water..then stop the night before the weigh in.. im still thinking this is a mistake..to get from 178 down to 175,you cant realy need help doing that..
also lets look at your weight..
178 18% bodya fat which means you have about 32 lbs of fat on you.. and your lean body mass is about 146lbs..so lets asume most boxers to be at there best would carry 7% or so body fat which is... about 160 lbs..so 165 would be good..good luck to you..any ? just ask


Well, obviously, I want to lose more than three pounds. My longterm concern is my BF%, way too high for boxing.

Yeah, I want to get to 160-165, that WAS the goal, and still could be but I'm not sure I can comfortably cut that much, that fast. I don't want to fight at LHW until my mass carries up, though.

I'd have a physical advantage over middleweights in chin and power that I won't have against light-heavies. So I'm basically looking for a diet/routine. I'll figure something out, thanks.


Post this over in combat sports, you'll get better help from the guys who have had alot of experience in cutting for competition.

But cutting 3 lbs you can do by restricting fluids, no problem. You can drop 3lbs the day before the weigh in.

If you really want to get down to 160-165, I dunno... you need the guys with more experience.


ok got ya...I hear you about the advantage..I stayed in a certain weight class for that also...as most boxers know..no one trains as hard as a boxer..so with a decent boxing routine..you should not have to eat no trick diet...I maintaned 7.2% body fat eating over 400 grams of carbs a day..so there goes that theory...its realy basic.

protein,carb at each meal..some veggies..and some fat,I tend to have less carbs at dinner..cause its heavyer to me..tonight I had chicken (skin on it) sweet potato,and some greens...even 1 slice of ital bread...make most meals meat based,chicken,steak,lean pork chops..etc...with a complex carb..and some veggies..any ? just ask