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Cutting Weight and Low T-Levels?

I know that being in a caloric deficit for a prolonged period will lower T levels, but how low is normal when cutting weight? Considering low T levels are not conducive to burning fat, this pretty much sucks.

Aside from supplementing with something like tribulus (which Id prefer not to unless necessary), what other natural ways can I help to negate the effects of testosterone depletion when cutting weight.

There are times when I honestly feel like a castroti after about 2 weeks of a committed cut, which is in direct contrast of what I am like under normal circumstances: I cant even make it through a class without trying to hide a poorly timed boner…

Im positive that my lower T level periods are entirely a result of cutting weight (most likely the caloric deficit), and I would like to fix that before my next cut.

What is your diet like when maintaining a caloric deficit? Increased EFA has been shown to increase T levels.

Same question for your training? Are you including the basic compounds? Squats? Deads?

I also found that the amount of sleep I get has a direct correlation on libido.

Those would be ‘natural’ ways to increase them.

I found Maca to work for me better than Trib, but to each his own I guess.

Red bell Pepper

I’d try bumping up cals for a couple of days, also make certain you’re getting enough fats in your diet. Diets very low in fat can lead to lower T-levels.


Usually my fat % from food is in the 35% range (with a 1:1:1 ratio), and Im popping 10-14g of a high potency fish oil daily. Tons of veggies… Essentially it’s Precision Nutrition but with some legumes in the AM.

Nutritionally I think Im doing everything right. I know based off my weight loss that my calories are in the proper range (2500-2700).

As far as training, I only strength train 1 day per week, using some of Ross’s methods: one legged squats, weighted pullups, glute ham raises, that type of stuff. I also condition 2-3x per week, and Im doing BJJ and boxing every day anywhere from 2-4 hours.

Usually I feel strong and able for the first 2 weeks of cutting then after that my performance starts to deteriorate, along with my sex drive (T levels).

You should probably let people know what your current weight and bf% are and the weight and BF% you are attempting to cut to and in how much time…