Cutting Weight and Losing Strength

Most people dont understand my problem with losing weight. My problem is not simply having a hard time losing weight. its actually the opposite. ive never been a skinny guy so dont throw the “ecto” bullshit out there because ive never really felt as that mattered.

Getting to the point, when i try to cut weight (no matter what diet im choosing) it falls off a lot faster than i want it to. This time for my cut i decided to try IF as i heard a lot of good things about it. ive been doing a 16/8 fasting period. i eat all the same things that i did before the cut but ive gone from a bw of 238 to about 225 in three weeks.

My goal is to be strong as is anyone’s in this section, but my problem is when i drop weight like this (which happens every time i diet) i suffer considerably in the weightroom. Ive been running 5/3/1 for a while now. Right before my cut i had an estimated squat/dead max of 560 and an estimated bench of 360. since my cut all of my lifts have gone down by about 10-15 pounds just in these three weeks.

i realize while cutting, most can confirm that lifts will plateau or slightly decrease, but its frustrating to know this happens every time i diet

right now im taking in around 3.5k cals, 300 grams of protein, and i dont count carbs but i would say less than 100.

anyone have a clue of what im doing wrong?

Calories are too low or output is too high. Simple as that. The larger the deficit the faster the weight is going to come off, so if you’re coming off too quick then simply up the calories or lower the output.