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Cutting Water Weight Fast


How does one drop water weight fast? Help


How much weight and for what purpose?


Your body doesn’t actually contain much extracellular water.

  1. Cutting water weight is unhealthy and stupid. If you can make weight any other way do that. I assume you’re trying to make weight for an athletic event. Yes? If you are doing this for aesthetics don’t. You will look bad and perform bad.

  2. If you are going to do it anyway. There are a million variables based on your timetable, diet etc… you have to diall it in based on your results. Nobody on the Internet can tell you “drink x gallons of water and y grams of salt”.

A good explanation from @Alpha



that’s an exaggeration, and a gross generalization. When performance is a priority, and you’re a few lbs over where you need to be, you’ll be stronger on competition day by cutting water than you would be by dieting in many cases. Particularly for someone who’s very lean like me. If I want to cut to a lower weight class than what my current bodyweight is, I can’t do it through diet anymore. It HAS to be water weight. Almost everyone in my sport cuts at least a few lbs of water for competitions.

Ok, so as basement said, there are plenty of variables, but there are good general guidelines available to work with, and you can adjust as you see necessary. Basement is right about the danger of cutting water if it is a lot of weight. Generally speaking, as long as you’re not cutting more than 5% of your bodyweight, it’s not particularly difficult or dangerous. So as a 200 lbs guy, I can cut 10 lbs over the course of a week and it not affect my health, performance, or mood adversely in any way. Once I get to about 12-13 lbs of water cutting, it starts to get difficult. Any more than that, and you approach difficulties.

I’m not going to spoon feed you on this topic. There are so many resources available just by googling. I will say that proper methods involve salt, carb, and of course water intake manipulation. The entire process should take about a week. And sauna/hot baths may be used at the end as necessary. If you read an article that advocates diuretics or wearing sweat suits/trash bags, then I would look for another resource. Those are on the unsafe side of things. I don’t think I can link this site, but Chris Duffin wrote good stuff on water cutting. google kabuki water cut.


A fair rebuttal. I had a wrestling coach who was an Olympic athlete (never medaled). He was insanely competitive and taught us awesome things, and harmful things.

Back then there were no hydration tests and weigh ins were the day before. We had high schoolers cutting insane amounts of weight. Nobody died. But kids did end up on IV’s.

I was approaching this from the perspective of preventing a noob from hurting themselves. That’s why I posted the video from alpha with safer techniques. He’s a lean strongman as well. He has to cut water.

You are correct cutting 5 lbs to make weight doesn’t hurt anyone. But you have to remember you are among the elite here as far as body fat is concerned. Most guys that aren’t <10% would be better served losing actual fat mass over time and making weight slowly (Me).

But the OP gave us no details. We don’t even know if it’s a guy or a girl. It could be a 15yo girl looking to fit into a prom dress next week or a 35yo experienced powerlifter looking for advanced techniques. We each brought our own experience and bias.


IV’s are ideal for rehydration and replenishing essential nutrients. I have friends who compete and use nurse-friends everytime they cut water. You CAN just eat, but if you have access to an IV, it’s fucking awesome.

Now, if what you’re saying is these people ended up on IV’s because they were hospitalized, or they became absolutely medically necessary, then that’s a very different story.

I do agree that this poster in particular may not be in a position to be doing this… his initial post would lead me to believe he’s not particularly advanced, and has given ZERO effort into learning what to do. That’s a very ‘noob’ question. So I get where you’re coming from on that. I’m just not a fan of generalities.