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Cutting Water. Is My Trainer Crazy?


Hey guys,

I have a question about cutting water before my show. I decided to go with a different trainer than my last one and he has proposed a protocol that I've never heard of and sounds dangerous. I haven't been in bodybuilding long so maybe I'm just green. He says that for the last week of my show I'm only going to be aloud sips of water with food and thats it all week.

Is this legit or madness? It sounds like id cramp up and be past weak on this regmine. I'd love some veterans advice on this. Should I listen to my instincts? I have a thread in T-Cell Alpha also.


The entire week? If that's the case that sounds reall iffy. I've always heard you cut the water out a day or two from the show. Seems like if you are drinking so little for that entire week your body will be trying to hold onto as much water as possible and you will not be to flush out the water for show day, not to mention yah, sounds dangerous.

Obviously, I've never competed though so take that for what it's worth.


Everytime I have heard of someone cutting water that far out, it was followed by an anecdote of health or performance problems the day of the show.

A red flag went up really quickly in the back of my head, although I can't explain why; it just doesn't sound proper. (And like waylanderxx, I haven't competed either, so grain of salt here)


Bad Idea. The whole point of cutting water suddenly (usually the day before) is so your body doesn't get a chance to adjust, and will keep flushing liquids out before more can come in. If you cut slowly, or over a prolonged period, your body will upregulate its aldosterone levels, which will prevent flushing, and you will not achieve the desired effect you are after.

Obviously different trainers advise different methods, but that just sounds like a very uninformed idea to me.



Great way to teach your body to hold on to water.

Follow the "Shredded in 6 Days" plan on here, it'd be a much better approach.


Has this trainer worked with many other bbers? If so maybe you could speak with some of them and see if he used this protocol with them? It sounds like complete crap, but I've never competed. But from all that I have read, to get dry and grainy you have to drink allot of water consistantly for the full week coming up to the show then cut it completely the day before and your body will continue ridding fluids without realizing it doesnt still have all that water coming in, just like what stu was saying!


it sounded like a bad idea to me too. i've never heard of dropping water this way. at my last show I ramped up the water every day before cutting it the day before the show. ended up losing 7lbs of water and drying out despite my lack of perfect condition. so i know that works. perhaps i should revert back to that. hes a good friend of mine.

im not sure how long its been since he trained someone for a show but hes very old school and more of a functional trainer than bodybuilding trainer. i guess the point of that last sentence was that he really doesn't keep up with bodybuilding methods or innovations. he has competed himself before tho.


That sounds terrifying to me, I go 24 hours without water when cutting water and it's miserable.