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Cutting Water/Carbing Up to Get Dry?

Some of the questions that run through my head constantly:

-If we’re all trying to achieve being full AND dry, how can there be so many “protocols” that are COMPLETELY opposite? I.e.-Cut water completely as early as Thursday or (fill in the blank) vs. Keep water high drinking 3 gallons all the way to Friday night…

-If you ARE cutting water completely with the idea that you’re body won’t have any water left so you HAVE to be dry, why is Thursday at 6 not better than Thursday at 4, or Wednesday at 8, or what have you? And if you AREN’T cutting water at all with the idea that your muscles will be hydrated and full and you’ll expel any excess, why do most still suggest cutting it Friday night instead of pounding it all morning and pissing on stage? Hopefully you get my point…

-And on to carbs…If you’re carbing up to fill out again, how early is too early? If you carb on Monday, will your body not stay full if you’re not training?
-Or how many is too many? Why not just carb up on 2000g early in the week to make sure you’re full, then worry about taking care of any spillage with your water intake over a couple days?
-And if there is a time frame for how long your body will actually supercompensate glycogen storage, what is it and how should that interact with your fluid intake to actually peak for the show?

-And last but not least, HOW DO YOU FIX IT WHEN YOU SCREW IT UP?!?! I figure there are a few combinations that can happen, mostly resulting from carbs and water. Common terminology is full, flat, dry, and watery. Carbs seem to have more to do with being full vs. flat, whereas water seems to have more to do with being dry vs. watery. Obviously they work hand in hand, but humor me here. What do you do if you’re full but watery? Dry but flat? or Heaven forbid, flat AND watery?!

One other thought, when it comes to being “dry,” how is this different from just being “dehydrated”

Are you competing?

Yeah, my competition is next Saturday. It’s only my second one and I’ve done everything so differently this time that it may as well be my first because I don’t have anything to reference. I’ve maintained pretty good size (especially when carbed up) through doing a longer, less restricted diet, and I’ve also gotten much leaner than last time. I just have to figure out how to bring fullness and being dry to the day of the competition now and it’s all so confusing/contradicting