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cutting water and carbing up

Hey guys, I’m wondering if any experience competitors, or anyone else for that matter, can shed some light on their carb deplete, carb load practices and the best way to come in ultra-dry on stage.


I haven’t done the carb deplete/load thang for years. And I’ve competed in my best shape since discontinuing that “method”. What I do is make sure that I’m pretty lean in the beginning of my precontest prep- which usually begins 12-weeks out. And I “diet” slowly - and that consists of cutting out beer and cookies and other “treats”. But I pretty much eat the same foods.

I don't cut calories too much, don't eat past 6PM, and I pick up my activity level (posing practice nightly, ab work and stretching sessions at home, heavy bag work, etc.). I do need to up my caloric intake the week of a show, by that time, I'm dropping weight FAST. The only thing I do on contest day (besides eating my regular foods), is sip water - I don't guzzle it, but sip only when I'm thirsty. That's it really. The person who really knows about this stuff is Vain and I think WSTRAINER. They've introduced some threads on the forum centered on this topic.

you dont eat after 6pm? do you lose a lot of muscle with the long fast from 6pm to breakfast? just curious, b/c i was always taught (and always do) to eat slow digesting protein, ie casein (cottage cheese) or casein/whey, immediately before bed.

JC: nope, as a matter of fact it’s one of the best ways for me to get lean. Besides, during a precontest phase, after 8PM, I’m done with my day. Maybe a little bit of stretching, but that’s it. And I always (even during precontest) eat a huge breakfast and by 6PM, I’m full of food (from eating throughout the day)