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Cutting w/ Strength Gains


Hey I'm 18 y/o 170lb track athelete who's into powerlifting...ive been focusing on purely bulking and strength gains recently.

however im pretty lean and trying to get shredded for the summer months (maybe 5lbs of really stubborn fat) without losing any of my gains, and I'm on the school provided workout program which is basically heavy lifting and sprinting.

what would you guys reccomend in terms of diet and supplementation...im already eating 6 meals a day, and using green tea and getting in my omega 3s.

and on another note my clean is stuck at 265, and i have the front squat capacity for more, but my pull is pretty weak. any advice?

Any help is appreciated. thanks.


Umm slightly reduce your caloric intake.Thats really all there is to dieting.


the above is basically right on, but with regard to your training, focus on your weak points which most likely are grip, upper back, external rotators, and abs/core. Also, change up your program a little if you have been following the same one for a while. Maybe try some more single leg work and hamstring stuff. Just dont fall for that "high reps get you ripped" gimmick. Good luck.


Not necessarily but, it looks like he has all the details.