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Cutting w/juice..Help

I’m a newbie to this site and would appreciate any info. I’ve tried steroids off and on for about the last 5years now but have been clean for a lmost 2 years now . I know…WHAT WAS I THINKING?..Anyway I’ve lost about 20 pounds on my current diet(was 220lb, now 200lb. at height of 5’8"). I want to lose maybe another 5-10lb. of fat and gain some muscle and vascularity in the process.I have seenseveral posts about tren,winny…but I have no access to winny. I would think not to use anything to androgenic but i’ll just tell you what i have. I have about 20cc EQ/200, 20cc deca/200, Tren 20cc, d-bol, and some test. Obviously don’t need to use all but was hoping to get some advice on what to use,dosage,etc…Thanks

Sell the deca and get some winny. It’s probably not that hard to find you just need to look more.