Cutting Up

English is my second language so I’m sorry if I missed up a bit. I have just finished my bulking days. I was 70 and I’m about 80 Kg’s now but the issue is that I have gained a lot of fat errr which is really really annoying when I dress or walk.

Most of the fat is on the sides of my belly, sorry I don’t know what it’s called. Not my belly but the sides of up and my butt is other place. I have noticed that I have gained some fat on my chest but just a little bet.

My body look’s thin by the way I don’t look fat at all but when I take my clothes of some parts of my body show. specially the sides of the belly which is really bothering. It was all because of the wrong diet I used to follow.

Any ideas of how much cardio should I do and should my workout change because I usually play heavey. My diet is not bad now it’s like : white eggs, brown bread and rise, chicken and all of that. I’m just afraid of losing muscles if I did a lot of cardio and shit, specially on an emty stomuch.

Any idea’s?

If you’re afraid of muscle loss, the most important thing is that your caloric deficit is not too high (a deficit of about 500kcal per day should be the upper limit, which translates into a fat loss of about 0.5kg/1lbs per week) and you continue to consume enough protein (‘cutting’ means cutting calories out of your diet, usually done by eating a little less carbs and fat, don’t cut down on protein).

The caloric deficit is created by either burning more (e.g. cardio) or eating less, and since best results a usually achieved by not taking too drastic measures, a combination of both works best (-> eating a little less while performing a little cardio).

I would recommend ~3 times per week for about ~30 minutes steady cardio or 20 minutes of HIIT, whatever you like :slight_smile: