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cutting up

i am currently on a cutting phase. i am at about 18.5-20%bf. i am trying to get down to 9-10. my diet currently consists of 3200 calories, 40%protein,30%carbs,30%fat. should i be taking anything to lose the least amount of lean mass as possible. maybe mag 10, or its little brother 4 AD-EC? can someone give me some advice? And how long would it take to get down to the bf% from where i am now?


Well, Nick, are you 20% body fat at 150 lbs. or 300 lbs.? What are those 3200 calories coming from: Snickers and beer or oatmeal and eggs? In short, there are a ton of factors to consider in answering your question. Yes, 4-AD and Mag-10 will allow you to retain LBM while taking calories very low, so you could likely reach your goal much quicker with their inclusion in your plan.

i am 220 lbs, and on a clean diet. which one of the two will give me more bang for my buck, and which one can i take for a longer period of time?

Nick, the information you’re looking for is contained in the article, Steroid Dieting, found in the T-Mag archives.

The difference between 4-AD-EC and Mag-10 is that you take the former for up to 6 weeks before cycling off onto a Tribex/M cycle. Mag-10 can only be taken two weeks on, two weeks off, with the “off” weeks again being Tribex & M. 4-AD-EC is a bit cheaper, too.

If after you’ve read the article you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. But Eric’s point was valid. We’d be better able to help if you gave us a bit more information.

Good luck to you!!!

hey bro,
I like 4adec while cutting. Cutting takes longer and this is safer, longer than mag10. I also find it’s got a positive effect on libido when carbs are low. I would only have carbs pre and post workout as john berardi suggests. Every few days have extra carbs in the morning… maybe oats.
And try to keep cheating to once every two weeks or less. i was recently up at around 17% bodyfat and have come down to 11%. It took about 6 weeks for me but i was very strict. I just started hot roxx today and I hope to get to 6% and stay strong. It’s key that you do sprinting or High octane cardio. You should focus on only losing fat and maintaining muscle. I would say try to lift 2-3x/week and do some form of anaerobics 3-4x and maybe a low impact aerobic session 1x/week.
For example I sprint once a week. lift 2x/week. hit the heavy bag/gpp work 3-4x week and do a 45 minute session on the eliptical 1-2x/ week. 17-11% is a big difference in appearance… I really hope I can get down to 6…