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Cutting Up


I am getting all my good together to prepare for a 4-6 week cutting cycle. I am probably at 13% right now so I don't have a huge amount to drop, but I want to look good come summer time. I have some clen, T3, T4, and I am on 100mg/week of test + hcg per my doc. I Have some dbol, extra test, and some EQ on the way. What combo would you all recommend for a 4-6 week pre summer cycle.

dont hate. you all know how its feels to have the most impressive physique at the party.


I wouldn't use clen or t3...and you can't really use Eq for a 4-6 week cycle..and dbol isn't great for cutting.

I'd suggest you buy other stuff like tren ace and/or winstrol to add to your test.

make sure you invest in an AI if you use any more aromatizable aas then you already are.


I'm using Winny, at the end of my cycle for 4 - 5 weeks as my cutting portion 50 mg ED, but i really think it will definatly depend on your cardio / diet approach from 13% BF down ..