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Cutting Up Without Losing Muscle?


Hi i was wondering if someone could give me hand with cutting up, i done it last yr an suceeded pretty well, the only thing was i felt like i lost too much muscle mass at the same time. I was just wondering if someone out there who had good knowledge of how to acheive it could msg me, thanks


there are a million and one threads/articles on this. do a search


The biggest problem I see is that people want to lose the fat too fast... drop their calories too much or add to much cardio and than.. well yeah


number one, keep weight on the bar, number two, do a search


ok lads cheerz, its just you know yourself you can come up with about 20 different results i have slowly dropped the carbs and calories like dropping by small amounts of few days, and im doing alot of supersetting and gonna start throwing in some more cardio.


for me when dieting i keep all aspects of my training exactly the same and if the reps do start dropping i wont lower the weight and i only use a small defecit (in cals) so that im losing about half to 1lb max a week .


I drop all cardio when cutting. I've never understood the idea behind adding cardio when you are in a caloric deficit, while wishing to preserve strength and lean mass. Walking. Yes. Running. No.


Sort of depends what your goals are...

If you want to remain fast and explosive, keep sprinting/intervaling. If priority #1 is aesthetics, then I see you're point. But it's just like keeping weight on the bar: use it or lose it.


I agree. Build up from 40 minutes 3 times a week to 60 minutes 7 times a week incline walking first thing in the AM. Check out Lonnie L's article of it (he uses MAG-10 pre and during)This will not effect your weight sessions
-Don't do to much to soon or there's nowhere else to go
- Don't overdo the protein 1-1.5g per pound of LBM will do. Make up the rest with Fats or Carbs (depending on how you handle them)
- Eccentric-less sled work is great for recovery and burning cals
- Anaconda/Mag -10 + SWF will def help (don't want to another T-Nation 'MAG-10 cures fucking everything in your life' guy - but they're good products)
I'm still training the same 5-6 weigh sessions a week. Adjsuting carbs depending on the workout, how I feel and how flat I am. Sometime none at all, sometimes Pre and during, sometimes a clean carb up.
No cookie cutter answer.


yea drop the supersets and keep lifting heavy.......
don't be in a hurry or else you will lose muscle.
Do a search educate yourelf.
2 lbs a week is actually overdoing it.
If you have a lot to lose just keep ur shirt on this
summer take your time and by next summer after seeing u shirtless
your neighbor will be inviting you over for lemonade when her
husband's not home


Why? Supersets are designed to allow you to do more work in less time. This is actually ideal for fat loss, as it creates a greater metabolic disturbance.

Not if he does things intelligently.



Yea, cuz that will get him working extra hard this summer...


thanks for all the info lads, i am still training away an lifting heavy, doin some interval trainin on the days im not pumping iron. I am not fat just got a wee bit of a belly from bulking phase, im only 26 though so it should come off handy enuf just keeping protein quite high an carbs low, wit som fats added for extra cals


i don't disagree that supersets are ideal for fat loss
although supersets are not ideal for losing fat and
losing minimum amount of muscle as the OP stated......
he needs to keep pushing himself on testosterone
building tension exercises and for a metabolic
disturbance he can incorporate High intensity
interval cardio training(ie balls to the wall basketball)
if he were to do supersets he might get a ripped six pack
like you have in your pix although you look like you would
struggle with 70 lb dumbbell shoulder presses...being naturally
strong and aesthetically pleasing is very difficult and takes a lot of time and
dedication hence why he shouldn't be in a hurry and why 2 lbs a week
is overdoing it......2 lbs a week wouldn't be overdoing it if he was willing
to sacrifice significant muscle that he's worked very hard to attain.......
if he loses .5-1 lb a week he could actually keep getting stronger especially
if he incorporates certain workout routines that he hasn't done before such as
5 sets of 5.........as far as the last statement i don't know what will get him
to work extra hard but my point was that depending on where he's at it could take
over a year to accomplish a certain goal that he has


One word and a letter: G-FLUX!

Keeping calories high. Especially Peri-workout.


I've been using a method very similar to the "Pulse Feast" CT recommended a few months back, and it's the most effective approach I've used thus far. I stick to one feast meal in the evening with three pulses during the day.

Strength is good and I don't have that flat look that makes dieting so deflating. Pounds are coming off slowly, but I like the way I look and feel with this, and the feast meal is something to look forward to every day. I do keep it very clean except for dinner with the wife on Saturdays!



Count your calories, keep your protein up, and eat very clean. Also, only consume carbs pre and post workout and you should be on the right path for leaning out.


Alrite lads, ive stopped the supersettin. Just hittin heavy weights for 4 exercises per body part an trainin 5days a wk with 15-20mins of interval trainin straight after. Hopefully this will help my quest to lean out while stay big!! :smiley: