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cutting up with Mag10/tribex

I am trying to cut up. I am on a low carb high protein diet and an intense superset lifting/cardio workout. A trainer recommended me to take mag10 with the Tribex and M on the off weeks to help recover and cut. Everything I read says Mag 10 will help you gain lean muscle mass, but you also have to eat a lot of carbs, and in a lot of cases you gain some unwanted fat. I also take ribose to help recover. Will this combination of products help me lose fat while maintaining muscle even if I don’t tale in a lot of carbs, or will some other combination work better?


To attempt and give you a simple answer.

Yes, Mag 10 could be used to preserve LBM while on a hypocaloric diet.

That said, it is kind of a waste of a product that has been proven to have the ability to add large amounts of LBM when you dial a good bulking diet and training program together.

I would suggest that you save the Mag10 for bulking up. You can cut weight without it, you just have to go a little slower.

But if you want to go on an extreme diet to shed weight fast, then by all means use the mag 10 to stop the LBM loss.

Hope that helps,