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Cutting Up Under 10%


Hello Everyone,
I am finally at that 10-11 percent range in bodyfat. I want to finally get to the 7-6 percent range as I am not that big anyway but I wanted to take a huge amount of body fat off.. With that being said, as with most former fat kids,I have that belly fat that is soooo irritating and I want to take it down as much as possible,and its even harder to get to that under 10 percent range.

I am cutting weight to fight on April 10th,and I really want to do this correctly as Ive basically uped my cardio,training harder,and Ive cut out just the negative high sugar foods,decreased my portions and I dont weigh in until april 9th.

So can anyone give me a sense of what its "REALLY" going to take for me to get extra lean? I appreciate it.


Focusing on that couple of % points of bodyfat instead of your actual training is what's going to set you back.

Seriously, stop majoring in the minors. Focus on the mental aspects of your particular challenge, keep your weight in check, and don't think that 1-2% of bodyfat is going to stand between you and a win.


And this is coming from a former fat boy who has gotten first place in a marathon--I really hindered my training for a couple of months worrying about stupid crap like your two posts on the nutrition forum have addressed when I should have been focused on my running.


If what you've been doing already has been working, why not just keep going?



I appreciate it guys..Thank you!


It would be helpful if you posted what you are doing now. Also the other gent is right, focusing on look rather than performance is a distraction. You need to focus on the goal at hand, owning in the ring. Pick a goal. You either want to lose weight or kick ass. You can do both and it could help in fact but you should have a main focus.