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Cutting up (mainly abs)

I need some help with fining a diet to cut up my abs and lower a little bit of my waist line. I’ve tried the steroid diet while on Mag-10. Then I tried the T-Dawg diet. I instantly gained some weight, however; I felt tired all the time. I decided to go back to a bulking diet, but I still feel tired. Does anybody have any recommendations?

Okay…do me a favor - read your question again, this time read it from a “third person” perspective. Now, do you notice how vague it is?

What type of aerobics (if any) were you doing? What type of training are you doing? What is a typical routine? What's your BF currently at? Do you normally carry more BF around your waistline? Also, if that's the area that has been the most problmatic for you - don't expect overnight results. Remember: "first on, last off". Have you read ANY of Ian King's ab training articles?

What i did was take hydroxycut for a month. I had increased energy and less appitie, i lost 20 pounds only on the stomach and my abs are really cut up, but when i got back to bodybuilding i gained a pound or 2

While I was trying to cutup I used the German Volume training 3 times a week, with the hope of trying to burn fat in my arms chest and back. No I didn’t do any cardio, because of the fear of losing muscle. Although, now that I’m lifting heavy again I feel week from lifting the light weight required with the GVT. I do 100 crunches before I start lifting and as many leg lifts as I can do. My body fat is at 16% and I’m 24. Within the last 6 months I went form a 34" waist to a 35" waist. My weight went from 182 to 197. I have gained a lot of muscle mass and strength, but I’ve been gaining a lot of fat around my obliques and abs. I guess I might just have to suck it up and do some cardio.

It sounds like you’ve been deeply into a “bulking program”. You can’t expect to get lean while doing this; two different sets of goals. 100-crunches will not enable you to see the abs, it’ll strengthen, but not cut down the fat in the midsection. I understand that in the current issue of T-Mag, Ian King does believe, to some degree, in “spot reducing”. However, when it comes to abs and leaning that area out, the following factors are a must: diet and aerobics (or, in my case more anaerobic training).

If losing muscle is a huge issue, then reduce your BF% gradually. I would look into doing some type of interval training in sprinting, jumping rope. I like to do "boxing rounds" on the heavy bag and rope jumping. Also, occasionally I do the same with a rowing machine.

You're also in a good position to consider the Meltdown Program by Don Alessi. Check that out. Really look into what you've been doing diet-wise. That's probably a factor here. Oh and I don't do as many reps as you do when performing abs - but I do perform ab exercises from a variety of positions - cable crunches, decline bench, reverse, on a fitball, etc. I learned a long time ago, that variety for my ab training was key. But I also watch my nutrition - and therefore, stay at around 10%BF, therefore, can see my abs. I tend to carry more BF around my midsection. So, rethink your training regimen and goals. If your goal is to get leaner, than train and eat for that purpose.