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Cutting Up For Summer


Ive been working out all winter and put on some decent size. With summer approaching i want to be able to see my abs when it comes to beach time. Im 5'8 160lbs and the slight flab that hides my abs is the only complaint.

I like my current workout but wanted to start in with some daily cardio to help loose the flab. I only have about 1hour and 20 minutes a day, 4 days a week to workout. So, without extending my workout what kind of a routine is recommended to add cardio and tone up without loosing too much mass. Also, i will be changing why winter mass building diet to a more clean diet focussing on lean proteins and no crap. Suggestion?


read cardio roundtable I and II


Two words: Anabolic Diet.


Just account for the calories you burn off when you exercise so you won't lose much muscle.


I'd do something simple. Lift heavy(you should be doing this anyways) probably total body,only do around 4-5 movements a session then do 20-25 minutes of low intensity cardio when your done.If you keep your rest periods to around 60sec you should be out in about an hour!


...and by cardio roundtable I and II he meant massive eating I and II.


I appreciate the tip. Would you mind giving me a breakdown of the total body-4-5 movement workout your talking about. Just want to see what you have in mind.


I think you need more muscle


Read Dr. LL's article on pre-breakfast (fasted cardio). I thinks its called 100 workouts to leaness or something like that... posted last month. I'm getting tested tomorrow (bodyfat) to see where I'm at now, but since I've started what he recomended, I can already see my abs/obliques/seratus comming in.


I agree...do you do weighted ab exercises?


Yeah, Berardi's "100 Days to Ripped City" is the ticket. Best fat burning regiment I've used in awhile.


I'm not speaking for pman, but I would guess he means stick to the basics. DLs, Weighted Pull Ups, Squats, Bench/Dips, maybe an Overhead Press.

I agree. I know you said you are limited on time to workout, but another suggestion might be to do Tabatta in the mornings, or skip rope. I have had great luck with only 12-15 minutes of rope work, three times a week. I speed rope for about ten seconds, then slow up for fifteen, then speed for ten, slow up. Good idea to warm up and cool off for about a minute if you go this route, otherwise you may have some really sore calves, especially in cold weather.

I assume you are already eating clean. Diet is pretty individual, but if you cheat less and eat vegatables where you used to eat fruit, the results are similar for anyone unless you are looking to get single digit bf%.



I'll echo oboffill here. When I was on the AD I was getting more cut even at 3500+ calories a day.