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Cutting to Show Lower Abs?

I was about to cut up soon I weigh about 250 pounds now, 6’5’’ tall with 17% bf and was wondering if anyone had any good tips to cutting up the lower abs…i got the bulky upper body and solid lower its just the little fat around lower abs and love handles i need to get up to par before i think of competing. so maybe if someone has a good routine or some diet tips/plans itd help me alot! thanks

You won’t be able to see your “lower abs” until your at 6-8% body fat, so are you trying to train them so they are “nice” before you cut, or ?

is it 16 or 17% man? lol, just messing with ya. (I saw your other post)

again, are your goals?

hahahaha i didnt know id have to be that low…ya i was tryin to get down that low eventully just its super hard for a guy my size ha i got that big solid frame. flat stomach just not ripped. id hope if i trained them enough now, when i do cut down they will show

I’m at about 5% in my pics…at about 6-7 was when I started having visible veins bulge out of my hips/lower abs though…

shit man i got some work to do…any advice about a diet maybe? thats sick man nice work…

I used Berardi’s get shredded diet…however, he recommends that people be closer to 10% BF when starting that program. That being said, I would suggest you get acquainted with a program like fitday, get a solid bead on your caloric intake and put yourself into a deficit of around 250-500 kcal/day to start. Track your weight for 2 weeks and adjust based on your results.

Cut back the calories a bit, or add some cardio (if you aren’t already doing it) “clean up your diet” and keep the lifts heavy, and possibly drop the volume.

When you get down to about 12% maintain for a bit, do a short bulk, and then try something like the get shredded diet.

thanks guys i appreciate it