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Cutting to Lean Gains Cycle?

if one were to start a cycle at say 14% body fat and want to be 10% but gain muscle as well. would it work to run moderate test and maybe anavar or something mild like primo with it starting in a calorie deficit and adding 1 or 200 calories every week? I dont wish to be huge but I aim to be ripped when I take off my shirt. I’ve read eq is a goto type compound for this and allows long cycles

people say not to run long cycles because of recovery however i am on trt for life with an irreversible condition

EQ is alright for TRT guys but not so great for anybody needing to PCT. Even though your a TRT guy I like your first compounds listed better. EQ was not inspiring when I tried it.

You can get what you want on your trt alone. Or even trt+anavar. Save the primo and the higher dose test for when you want to add size.

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I’ve been cutting and doing cardio everyday and I’m about to start gaining and I want to keep it lean. my calories are at 1730. I was wondering reverse dieting into the gains cycle would it work to lose somebody fat while waiting for the compounds to kick in. adding 100 calories every 7 days to reverse diet into a surplus. I’m gonna use boldenone with a test base

what do I do about the cardio I been doing 30 min everyday am elliptical

Keep the cardio for your heart health. Just eat more to make up for the calories burned.

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Not sure your gonna get much dietary advice in the pharma group. Might wanna move it over to a different forum.

actually you just gave me the awnser simple and straight thank you.

actually I meant 46and 2 but both of you thanks