Cutting to 10% Bodyfat

Hey, sorry I only have the one pic of one quarter of my body.

So I have been cutting and lost 12lbs and my initial plan was to keep cutting until I reach 10%, for no reason other than it being a goal i want to hit, for the sake of hitting a goal. Anyway, trying to figure out how much longer I’ll have to keep on this cut, and my own guess is that I’m at 14% now. (The lighting is very good fwiw)

I appreciate a photo has its limitations, but would be grateful for any opinions. Feel free to critique whatever you wish, I’m no bodybuilder so wont be offended.

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I can’t post the link I was thinking of due to forum rules but if you Google “what does 14% body fat look like” you can find some examples. I’d say you are probably a tad under 14%.

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I don’t understand why you’d set yourself a specific goal with no real idea on how to measure that goal. That’s a basic goal setting fail to me.

You’ve done good work though man, well done.


There is not much to critique, actually I would say that your physique is perfect by my standards.
And you probably already are at 10% bf.
Great job my friend

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Dude why cut. . I dream of being that. Lean. All your going to get out of it is bland food and irritability. Go to the beach. Drink a beer and pick up a hot chick