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Cutting - Time to Compete!!!

stats: 18 yo, 6’2", 245lbs, 16%bf

current arsenal: cytomel, ephedra, caffeine, aspirin, tons of test-e

using for this cut: 500mg of test-e(couldnt get prop) to retain muscle, cytomel 50mcg for fat loss and metabolism, 20mg ephedra, low doses of caffeine from blue up(great pre workout energizer), and aspirin.

diet: tuna, chicken, oats, egg whites, flax, and rice cakes(sugarless) around 2500 cals a day from these ultra-clean foods

training: mostly heavy compounds to retain mass and some isos for shaping
2-cardio sessions and 2-lifting sessions a day(4 hours total) cardio consists of 1 session of low intensity jogging for about an hour and 2- 1/2 hour sessions on the erg or pool

please dont flame for the young age of juicing, i know its dumb but its my decision. its my body and mind to corrupt. what i need is help from experienced competitors. only respond if u are in fact a true bodybuilder and compete, not some little aber-crombie and fitch model b.i.t.c.h.

okay, so heres the deal. i want to come in hard and ultra lean. im looking for around 3-5% bf, i know its terribly low but i want to be a freak when i take the stage. my questions are: r my cals too little right now for my body? is my cardio too much? am i missing anyhing? i have my diuretics kit ready, but im going to use the last week right? i dont know much about this carbing up thing for a contest either… why, like for the pump behind the stage? this cut is 14 weeks btw, going from 16%-4%.

GONNA WIN!!! anything else i should know?

I won’t flame you, but I will agree with you to say it is dumb to use AAS at 18.

I’m not a bodybuilder or done a competition like you are planning, so I offer no advice except that I hope you stop for a few years and let your body’s natural levels line up and finish natural growth, then at 23-24 reapproach the steriod issue.