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Cutting then Lean Bulking Back-to-Back Cycle

I’m a 29 years old male fitness athlete and acrobat.
I’ve been training drug-free for more than 10 years, I’m 180cm x 82kg, can squat twice my BW and do pullups with 40 additional kilos and stuff… and now I’d like to start my third cycle.
Only done very mild cycles so far. My first one was Test only, the second one was Test+Eq.
Now then, as the title says, I wish to run a cutting phase first followed by a lean bulk. I’m also trying to use the mildest compounds on the hairline, because I still care about my hair (I’m prone to hair loss and later on, eventually, I’ll stop fighting this hopeless battle… but for now, I still care).

My plan is the following:

  • PHASE 1, CUTTING (4-6 weeks): Test E (<= 300mg/w) + Var (50mg/d, weeks 1-4) + Cardarine (20mg/d) + have to choose between Eca, Clen and T3
  • PHASE 2, LEAN BULKING (8-12 weeks): Test E (400mg/w) + Deca (300mg/w) + Tbol (40-60mg/d, weeks 1-4)

My training is a mix of bodybuilding and acrobatic (skill heavy) workouts.
I’m gonna lift 3x week and practice my sport 3x week, by managing fatigue as best as I can (I’ve been doing this already for years, again I’m not a beginner).

So, any tips on the cycle? Need more detailed informations?
Thanks everyone.

I don’t like the plan personally, but that’s not to say one couldn’t make good progress on that. Using Var at the beginning is not the best approach and going from extreme cut into a bulk you are sure to put back on unwanted fat as the body is craving them calories, so that has been the 6 week cut kind of wasted. I don’t like Deca either and its pretty pointless run for 8 weeks, it takes a while to see benefits, but if you want to run it go for NPP for quick acting. Personally id go for something like this plan:

Diet down natural first then start:
( 18 WEEKS )

stage 1 = Lean bulk (10 weeks )

week 1-4 Test E 400mg, Tbol 40mg

week 5-10 Test E 400mg, NPP 300mg

Stage 2 = Leaning out ( 8 weeks )

week 11-14 Test E 400mg, Tren A 300mg ( might be a bit much for the wig ) shave it!

week15-18 Test E 400mg, Var 50mg.
Then into PCT

I would skip the fat burners and focus on calories and cardio output more, not a fan off them. This is the approach I would take to see maximum results Getting leaned out first then starting the 18 week cycle in the stages I have suggested. Letting the test build up first before entering the NPP helps from unwanted side effects.

I would start as high as possible on calories and over the 18 weeks slowly reduce them weekly, while upping cardio output weekly. At the end you should be standing there in prime condition if work ethic and diet is on point. You might possibly have to extend the cut by an extra 2 weeks to nail it. Just my opinion pal and whatever way you do it best of luck


Thanks for the reply, sir. All you said makes a lot of sense.
Only one thing… if I were to use cutting AAS harsh on the hair (Tren, Mast, Win), can I run a very low dosage to minimize effect on the hair? Or that would be pointless?
As an alternative, can I run Var (so 6w of Var) or Primo (3w of Primo and 3w of Var) instead of Tren A? Or will the hair lost with only 3 weeks of Tren come back after the cycle somehow?

As you say man, it’s a hopeless battle to hang on to hair when prone to hair loss. I had the penalty spot on the top of my head since 4th year in high school, and I was drug free at the time lol a few of my mates were the same. I’d a hairy chest and beard by the time I was 16 but the old hair on top was fading. Now I shave my head with a razor blade, and have a neat sort of Viking beard with a Viking tattoo round my ear, on side of head. Chicks love it, especially the older kind like mates moms ha! gives me that bad boy look plus my build lol. The likes of tren will just slightly speed up a natural hair loss process unfortunately.

That was just a example protocol, you could easy swap the tren out and up the test dose to 750, test only then run the var at 100mg last 4 weeks. There are many options you could do, but the tren is far superior and will bring the best results.

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