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Cutting the Pull Short


On nearly every clean and snatch I always cut my pulls short. My coach has been adding more power cleans/snatch and pulls and every rep I try to finish but I'm still cutting it short.

I know you guys probably won't be able to help very much but does anyone have any advice on how to fully extend?


I think about bringing my shoulders back, tends to help with full extension.


how is your posture generally? do you have short hip flexors and anterior pelvic tilt? if you do... then you will have trouble standing at a properly extended position never mind launching yourself into one under loading.

glute activation. resting / lengthening the hip flexors...

mobilityWOD has some stuff on this... i can't remember what episode, though, for the life of me...


What about doing very high hang snatches/cleans from mid thigh or above? That way you'll have to finish you're pull and hopefuy it will start to carry over to the full lifts.


Set up a dowel rod or equivalent between two squat stands. When you do clean pulls set the elevation to at or just above your navel. For snatch pulls set the height between the base of the sternum and nipple line. When you do each rep you MUST hit the stick with the end of the bar or you haven't reached proper height to get under the pull. This is an old Tommy Kono favorite. Worked wonders for me finishing my second pull and getting as tall as possible without stalling at the top. Feel free to PM me if you don't understand the set up.


Lifts from the blocks (if you have them) can be helpful for this too, I believe, though to be honest I haven't done much lifting from blocks myself. Sometimes it's just a matter of forcing yourself to be a little more patient and keep pulling before you pop, or initiate the second pull, or whatever the hell you want to call it. A cue I heard once somewhere on the internet (I want to say it was Don McCauley or somebody from CalStrength but honestly can't remember) is "Stand up, jump down." I kind of like that one, and I think depending how you interpret it, it could be helpful.