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Cutting Testoprim D & ?'s

 looking to cut my testoprim d with an oil. i have heard about b12, but i hear it increases the risk of abcess since it's water based. i've also heard grape seed oil, but i'm worried about the sterility of an otc oil. i read that i might could filter it, but i'm not sure how/where to get the filters locally. 

i dont have a credit card to order online, thats a pain. i want to cut the test due to all the horror stories i’ve heard about the pain from that particular brand. i’m currently on pct under doctor supervision, but i’m unhappy with the levels he keeps me at.he had me on a meger 50mg ew.

my last test showed a free test of 289, just 9 points above “normal”. after i chewed him out for wasting my time for these last months he barely bumped it to 100mg ew. since then i went down to tj and picked up a dozen boxes of this testoprim only to learn it’s apparently the most painfull shit available.

i want to bump my dose another 150mg a week on top of the 100 he will be giving me. one concern is that i dont ever take any off time, this is a life long cycle. is 250 a week gonna cause any problems?

i cant imagine that at such a low dose and me being defiecient anyways that it would. my goal is to be high normal, like a 24 year old should be. i can get him to prescribe me clomid(once i tell him what it is, he’s “never heard of it”). what kind of dosage should i use, it would appear he is not gonna be of much help in that department. thanks.


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