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Cutting Test P with Inj Vitamins?


has anyone ever tried this?
I was planning to do ED inj of Test-P, and cutting it with B12 and or Vitamin C.
I couldn't find any info on people doing vitamin injections this often "typically people seem to be doing them at 1-2x/week".
could I alternate B12 and C EOD, while still doing Test-p ED?
thanks for any help that anyone can spare!

"this will be my first steroid cycle btw, but i've got the test, pct, ancilliary meds already planned out".


Test p is oil based.

Is your b12 oil based?


I don't have any inj. vitamins of any type, but from the research I did I tended to think that most were water based, but that it was acceptable to do it subcautaceously or intra-muscularly. after I go back to my country, I'll finish my diet with a few weeks of carb-cycling, and then start the aas/vit injections while trying to take advantage of the rebound effect that comes after a long diet.


btw I've seen a lot of your posts and you seem to be very knowledgable on a huuuge range of topics. thanks for helping me


You cant mix water and oil.


so if I can get ahold of oil based vitamins what would an ED dosing schedule look like?
doing B12 and C together, or alternating them?


Why are you taking IM B12 and C shots? Do you suffer from pernicious anemia?