Cutting Supplement Regime

I plan on using this for my cutting routine for my BB comp in April. Any advice would be appreciated.

HOT-ROX Extreme
(Maybe Carbolin 19 though I didn’t really notice any noticable results after 4 months use with Alpha Male)

Animal Pak
Animal Pak-M-stack (maybe)

Total cost a month roughly $250-300

You are getting Carbolin 19 in your HOT-ROX Extreme. I think you have the supplement bases covered for the most part and need to now concentrate on your nutriton and workouts. Not implying you’re not, but you have all the supps you need.

Good luck,


much appreciated…

I know you think because you’re cutting that you need Spike for the energy- but it’s really a bad idea to stack that with HRX. Even if you don’t “feel” anything different, especially if you tolerate stimulants well, but it’s just a bad idea.

Try something like Power Drive instead. It’s not the same, I know, but it helps without causing any interactions.

Also- as D said i wouldn’t overdo it on the Carbolin 19. HRX has plenty.